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Brison Launches Campaign For A New PC Party of Canada
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Brison to launch Tory leadership bid today
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Brison hopes Tories will follow NDP lead
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East Coast; Less reliance on grants
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Bravo, Scott Brison
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An Irish model for growth in Atlantic Canada
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Scott has proposed a bold new approach to regional development. He believes that the current subsidy-driven model should be replaced by a tax-driven approach that would see the elimination of federal corporate taxes in place of continued subsidies.
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Brison to launch Tory leadership bid today
Brian Underhill / Ottawa Bureau
Source :  Halifax Herald

Scott Brison
Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison hopes to send a signal that he has a power base in the corporate capital of Canada when he launches his bid today in Toronto for the leadership of the federal Tories.
The choice of the vote-rich Ontario-capital is also intended to highlight differences between the Valley MP and rival Peter MacKay, MP for Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough.

Mr. MacKay launched his leadership bid in his riding Jan. 16 before flying to Ottawa later in the day.
Mr. Brison, 35, will repeat his campaign launch Friday at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwich, in his Annapolis Valley riding.

The 35-year-old will become the second Nova Scotian to enter the race when he formally announces his candidacy at the University of Toronto.

The Progressive Conservative party must adopt some bold and innovative policies if it is to carve out a powerful presence on the federal political scene, Mr. Brison said in an interview.
Both he and Mr. MacKay have established solid reputations on the national political scene since their 1997 election victories and both are seen as front-runners in the race to replace Joe Clark.
Mr. Brison, an investment banker, has been the party's finance critic, while Mr. MacKay, a former Crown attorney, has been the Tory justice critic.

If either is selected as leader June 1, it will be the first time a Nova Scotian has led the party since the tenure of the legendary Robert Stanfield.

But they will first have to defeat Calgary lawyer Jim Prentice, Saskatchewan farmer David Orchard and ex-federal cabinet minister Huward Grafftey.

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