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More Highly Respected Canadians Have Endorsed Brison!
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More Highly Respected Canadians Have Endorsed Brison!


Press Release

April 10, 2022 Toronto Scott Brison, candidate for leader of the PC Party of Canada, today announced the new endorsements of two highly respected Canadians. Hon. Barbara MacDougall, former Minister of External Affairs, and the Hon. David Tsubouchi, current Chair of Management Board for the Ontario PC Government, have endorsed the Brison campaign.

I am elated at the endorsement of these outstanding members of our Party. It shows the momentum my campaign is still building every day of this leadership contest, Mr. Brison said. The delegate selection process is a new and unusual process which will yet provide some surprises," he added.

Approximately 1400 automatic delegates are eligible to register for the convention and they do not have to state their leadership candidate preference. As well, elected university campus club delegates, a large majority of whom support Brison, are elected as 'free' votes and are therefore not counted in the current delegate totals. For example, all three delegates elected on April 10th from St. Francis Xavier University in the riding of Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough are free to vote for the leadership candidate of their choice, but all three have endorsed the Brison campaign.

I am delighted at the response I have received in my outreach to automatic delegates, made up of riding Presidents, Provincial Conservative MLAs, former Conservative members of the Federal Cabinet, former Conservative MPs, and members of the national PC Management Committee," Mr. Brison said.

Attached is a sample of automatic delegates who are supporting the Brison Campaign for Leader.

Senator Donald H. Oliver

Irene Swindells,
Nova Scotia Vice-President, PC Party of Canada

Lee Johnson,
Candidate of Record, Vancouver Centre PC Riding Association

Curtis Moore,
Candidate of Record, Charleswood St. James Assiniboia

Conor Lloyd,
President Manitoba PC Youth Association

Hon. Ron Atkey PC QC
(MP for St. Paul's 1972-74 and 1979-80)

Senator Janis Johnson

Blake Robert,
President, Alberta Provincial PC Youth

Anna Curtis-Steele,
2000 Election Candidate, Sydney-Victoria PC Riding Association

M. Robert Archambault,
President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada-- Quebec Wing (Aile Quebecoise)

Dave Prisco,
Vice President - Anglophone, PC Youth Federation of Canada

Claude Thibault,
President, Mont Royal PC Association

Warren Howard,
Ontario Vice-President, PC Party of Canada

John Herron,
MP Fundy Royal

Alastair Johnson,
2000 Election Candidate, South Surrey-White Rock-Langley

Matt Power,
President, PEI PC Youth

Andrew Currie,
President, Nova Scotia Young PCs

Benno Friesen,
MP for Surrey White Rock 1974-1993

Judith Seidman,
Vice President (Quebec) PC Party of Canada

Kim Linkletter,
Alberta Vice-President, PC Party of Canada

Dan Tidball,
Candidate of Record-Vancouver South Burnaby

Bob Young,
President, Calgary Southeast PC Association

George Cooper,
MP for Halifax 1979

Tom Goodman, Q.C.,
Candidate of Record for Selkirk-Interlake

David G. Newman, Q.C.,
Candidate of Record for Winnipeg South Centre

Lorrie Johnson,
Candidate of Record, London North Centre PC Riding Association

Derrall Bellaire,
Candidate of Record, London Fanshawe

Curtis R. MacDonald,
Candidate of Record for Delta - South Richmond

David Sutherland,
President, Provencher PC Riding Association

Darren Buchanan,
President, Brant PC Association

Dennis Almon,
President, Sydney-Victoria PC Association

Mark Bettens,
President, Bras dOr-Cape Breton PC Association

Dale Palmeter,
President, Halifax PC Association

Tom Hooper,
Constituency Director, PC Youth Federation of Canada

Darryl Gray,
MP for Bonaventure--les-de-la-Madeleine (1984-1993)

Truper McBride,
PC Candidate of Record, Wild Rose

Ken MacPhee,
President Halifax West PC Association

Howard Crosby,
MP for Halifax West 1978-1993

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