Tue, Oct 07, 2021
Brison's Winning Ideas
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Brison, Prentice call on contenders to guarantee no campaign debt will be assumed by P.C. Party
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Contenders for top Tory job attack MacKay -- Front-runner accused of policy flip-flops
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Gun registry unites Tory rivals -- Leadership hopefuls want it scrapped
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PC frontrunner flayed -- Flip-flops, hit lists linked to MacKay
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More Highly Respected Canadians Have Endorsed Brison!
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Toronto Star Article
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Brison Speaks at Friends of America Rally
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Set Canadian banks free
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Brison Team Grows Again!
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Do you agree with the Government of Canada and the Canadian Alliance Party that bank mergers should not be allowed in Canada?

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Canada needs a new generation of leadership with new ideas to boldly steer our country toward its true potential and to ensure that every Canadian ceases to witness an erosion of their standard of living.

I intend to offer both bold and new ideas and I intend to make these ideas the centrepiece of debate both around kitchen tables and in cafés across Canada.

But to do that successfully, we must have the financial resources to reach out to people. Your contribution will go directly toward helping volunteers working across Canada to get the word out and organize for victory.

Whether you are able to give $5 or $5000, every dollar makes a difference.

I know that together we CAN make a difference and I thank you for supporting my campaign to become the next leader of the PC Party of Canada.

Your donation will help Scott Brison meet the political challenges we will face in the future. You can make make a donation to the Scott Brison PC Leadership campaign in one of three ways: by mail, by telephone or online.

Donate by Mail:

Scott Brison Campaign
P.O. Box 337
31 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, ON. M5C 2J4

Please make cheque payable to:
PC Canada Fund / Scott Brison Campaign

Donate by Telephone: 1-866-4BRISON

Donate Online:PC Leadership Online Donation Form

Remember, when making a donation online, be sure to specify that your gift was made to assist the Scott Brison PC Leadership Campaign. Thank you for your support.



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