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Kings-Hants Liberals Nominate Brison

Thursday, April 05, 2022
Dale Palmeter

KENTVILLE - The Kings-Hants Liberal Association nominated current MP Scott Brison to once again represent the party in the next general election.  The nomination meeting was held March 31st at the Fire Hall in Kentville and featured Premier Shawn Graham of New Brunswick as the guest speaker.

About 125 people attended the meeting including three candidates for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party: MLA Stephen McNeil, MLA Diana Whalen and Colchester Mayor Mike Smith.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Brison characterized Stephen Harper as a 'bully', calling it a hugely dislikable trait.

In his speech, Mr. Brison said:

"Stephen Harper bullies aboriginal Canadians.

He bullies farmers.  

He bullies Canadians living in poverty. 

He bullies the working poor.

He bullies have-not people and he bullies Atlantic Canada. 

Mr. Harper doesnít expect Atlantic Canadians to stand up to him.

Iíve got a message for Stephen Harper: Just because Peter MacKay backs down from you, donít expect Nova Scotians to back down from you."

Stephen Harper's betrayal of Nova Scotians by effectively cancelling the 2005 Atlantic Accord was a key message in his remarks.

Mr. Brison said a budget should try to unite Canadians, not divide Canadians and he called it the most divisive budget in the history of Canada.

"Nova Scotian Conservative MPs will be left to explain to the voters why they chose to abandon the interests of our province and, in doing so, betrayed the future prosperity of the people of Nova Scotia," Mr. Brison said.

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