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Hants has numerous advantages

Friday, September 16, 2021
Ian Fairclough Valley Bureau
Source :  The Chronicle-Herald

A new project will see Hants County marketed as a good place to work, live and invest.
The Hants Advantage Initiative was launched Wednesday at a reception attended by local business, political and development figures.

The project was championed by the Hants Regional Development Agency and includes the four municipalities in Hants County.

Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison, who is from Cheverie, Hants County, said the county's proximity to Halifax, it's transportation, recreation and social infrastructure and natural beauty are all worth bragging about.

"We're doing something a bit uncharacteristic for Nova Scotians and putting our advantages together and bragging about what we have here," he said.

He said he was excited by the co-operation between the different levels of government.
"I'm so pleased to see the level of teamwork that has gone into the project."

Windsor Mayor Anna Allen said the four municipalities need to work together.
"It's critical," she said. "If we don't . . . work together on marketing and communications, we're going to fail."
Hantsport Mayor Wayne Folker said the town has always worked well with its neighbours. "It's a good partnership," he said. "What's good for Hants County is good for all of us."

West Hants Warden Richard Dauphinee agreed. "If someone comes to me and wants to put a business in Hants County, I don't care where it goes because we will all see some benefit from it," he said.

The Municipality of East Hants is the other partner.
Between construction, housing and spinoffs, all the municipalities would get something from a business setting up, he said.

Plans for the initiative plans started two years ago, and a report was released in May 2004 that detailed the economic strengths of the region. A three-year communication strategy was released in June of this year.

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