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Press Release - Brison to Harper: Heed Mulroney’s Advice and Make Climate Change a Priority

Friday, April 21, 2021
Source :  Office of Scott Brison, M.P.

Ottawa - Liberal Environment Critic Scott Brison urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to accept former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s advice and make addressing climate change a priority for his government.


“My party, the scientific community and I agree with Mr. Mulroney’s comment that if global warming is not arrested, climate change may be irreversible," Mr. Brison said in reference to comments made by Mr. Mulroney.


“Sadly, this is in sharp contrast to current leader of Mr. Mulroney’s new party, Prime Minister Harper, who refuses to recognize the threat climate change presents to the economic and social sustainability of this planet.”


Mr. Brison said it was the height of hypocrisy for Prime Minister Harper to salute Mr. Mulroney’s environmental record at a gala, when he is seeking to renege on Canada’s international commitments under the Kyoto protocol and is slashing existing federal programs designed to tackle climate change.


“It is a matter of national urgency that Prime Minister Harper abandon his destructive position on climate change along with his long-time opposition to the Kyoto protocol and make addressing global warming one of his government’s top priorities,” he said.


Mr. Brison called on Prime Minister Harper to implement a climate change plan, such as the Liberal plan, which was designed to meet Canada’s Kyoto targets, clean our air and promote a green and prosperous economy.


"We need fair and balanced measures to regulate large industry and reduce pollution, market-based and efficient programs to spur innovation, increase renewable and alternate energy production, and promote a greener economy,“ Mr. Brison said.


The Harper government says the Kyoto targets can’t be met, but you can’t reach them if you don’t try."



For more information:

Stephanie Reid

Office of Hon. Scott Brison, MP



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