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Brison promotes tax credits for clean energy

Sunday, May 28, 2021
Canadian Press
Source :  Halifax Chronicle Herald

Brison promotes tax credits for clean energy

By The Canadian Press

CALGARY ó Liberal leadership hopeful Scott Brison is pledging to offer up the "most generous investment tax credits in the world" as part of his strategy for making Canada a leader in clean energy.

Brison told reporters in Calgary on Friday there needs to be much more investment in basic research and development to support risky, first-of-a-kind, full-scale demonstrations of new technologies.

He said examples include coal gasification, which converts coal from a solid to a gas.

"(These credits) can encourage companies to make the kinds of long-term investments that can create both economic opportunity and greater environmental responsibility," the Nova Scotia MP and former public works minister explained.

During another stop in Lethbridge, Alta., Brison criticized Alberta Premier Ralph Klein for the premierís recent threats to pull out of the federal-provincial equalization program if it includes the provinceís resource revenues. Brison said the equalization problem will not be resolved by individual premiers like Klein making one-off comments and grandstanding on individual issues, adding that equalization is a constitutionally enshrined program.

"You canít pull a province out of equalization without pulling a province out of Canada," he said.

Brison is one of 11 candidates lining up to replace former prime minister Paul Martin. Others fighting for the leadership include former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae, rookie Toronto MP Michael Ignatieff and former minister and hockey legend Ken Dryden.

Brison told the Lethbridge audience that he is the only person in the race who is from rural Canada, pointing out that he can better understand and address rural concerns and needs.

He said he wants to reform Canadaís agriculture support system, reform the tax system to make it fairer, and reward hard-working post-secondary students with more scholarships.

"We need to provide some real hope for the future," he said.

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