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Brison talks turkey with Maple Leaf execs

Sunday, January 21, 2022
Brent Fox
Source :  The Advertiser

Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison says he has received some assurances from top Maple Leaf officials.

The company announced early last week that it was shutting down the Canard fresh poultry processing plant this April, putting 380 workers out of a job and potentially affecting the 36 local producers who currently supply the plant.

Brison met with Maple Leaf CEO Michael McCain and vice president Scott McCain and the human resources manager in Toronto last Friday morning, Jan. 19.

"They're absolutely committed to honouring collective agreements," Brison said, "but to also potentially help beyond those collective agreements." This included assistance with worker readjustment and pension issues, particularly with some of the older workers.

Brison said he will keep in touch with management and labour during the process.

He noted also that he brought up the matter of the producers who could be affected by the closure and said, "they are open to proposals from the producers."

Brison asked them to meet with producer representatives to discuss potential options.

He also explored the matter of Maple Leaf's Larsen's plant in Berwick, noting its importance to the area.

Brison asked the company officials as well to consider Kings and Hants to locate other divisions of their company in the future.

"It was a positive meeting," the MP said. "It was good to have a face-to-face meeting with them." He added that he'll continue to be in contact with Maple Leaf to get the best and fairest possible positions for workers and producers.

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