Tue, Oct 07, 2021
Brison's Winning Ideas
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Brison, Prentice call on contenders to guarantee no campaign debt will be assumed by P.C. Party
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Contenders for top Tory job attack MacKay -- Front-runner accused of policy flip-flops
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Gun registry unites Tory rivals -- Leadership hopefuls want it scrapped
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PC frontrunner flayed -- Flip-flops, hit lists linked to MacKay
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More Highly Respected Canadians Have Endorsed Brison!
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Toronto Star Article
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Brison Speaks at Friends of America Rally
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Set Canadian banks free
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Brison Team Grows Again!
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Do you agree with the Government of Canada and the Canadian Alliance Party that bank mergers should not be allowed in Canada?

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Scott's Ideas

Scott Brison has envisioned a platform for a new Progressive Conservative Party. Please use the links below to learn more about Scott Brison's ideas:

Harnessing The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Canada's Regions

A Tax System To Make Canada A Leader In The World

A Canadian Doctrine For The Middle East

Creating A More Efficient Capital Market

An EI System That Works For Canadians Who Work

Protecting The Environment And Health Of Canadians

Regulatory Reform To Provide Greater Government Accountability

Allowing Canadian Banks To Be Global Leaders

Fix Canada's Health And Education Systems By Fixing Canada's Fiscal Imbalance

Canada - United States Security and Economic Partnership

"In a meeting this week with our editorial board, Mr. Brison laid out the boldest and most sensible platform we have heard from any federal candidate -- Tory or otherwise. Unlike leadership contenders who insist they will defer to their caucus or "grassroots" before formulating an agenda, Mr. Brison had a clear answer for every question we asked. Better still, he came equipped with plenty of his own fresh ideas."

National Post Editorial


The Vision

A risk-averse government has been leading Canada for the last 10 years. This federal Liberal government has eschewed risk in the interest of remaining popular. As a result, Canada has fallen behind while other countries have moved forward.

Canadians will soon have to make a choice.

Our standard of living has been slipping relative to other countries, our manufacturing productivity growth has been half that of the US, more Canadians are declaring bankruptcy than ten years ago, and the value of the dollar dropped 16% under Paul Martinís watch.

The federal Liberals represent a government adrift, and the result is many lost opportunities for Canadians.

I am running to restore ideas and vision to our national government. On this page you will learn about my positions on important issues facing our country and you can watch for new policy positions as they announced during this campaign.

As always, I invite your questions and comments about my plans and I invite you to contribute your own ideas about the future. Help me provide Canadians with a real choice in the next election.

Scott Brison, MP

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